*** Currently seeking freelance writing projects ***

Maritimer-at-large. I've lived in Montreal, South Korea, & on a sailboat in the Caribbean. Now kickin' it in Toronto.

I didn't follow the traditional ad school/j-school path, but word-nerdery has been my jam for as long as I can remember.

I am a Master of Library & Information Science. In other words, I have amazing organization, research, & critical thinking skills, & an even more amazing cardigan collection.

I've survived a hurricane at sea, plane engine failure in the Philippines, & grad school, with Zen-like grace.

I ain't a-scared of chaos. Deadlines -- love 'em, need 'em, do my best work within 'em. 

Insatiably curious, I'm never bored & can't stop/won't stop learning. 

Life mission: To educate the masses that "woah" is actually spelled "whoa."

Things that fire me up: Oxford commas, social justice, current affairs, all-black clothing, white T-shirts, drastic hair changes, bright lipstick, squats & deadlifts, hip-hop, & spicy food, to name a few.